Wise ‘n’ Wild (+55) –  wise moves & expressive grooves

Play Space – Movement Improvisation for Beginners

Get Down! –  A floor work class with funk…

Performing the Present – performance improvisation in movement & voice
improvisation pour performance en mouvement et voix

Your own best teacher –  coaching-based strategies for teaching and learning dance

Embodying Text –  Improvised physical play with words for dancers and movers.

Remixed Release – Strength, alignment, fluidity and economy…and fun!

Contacting Performance (with David Hayo) – a workshop intensive, combining contact with other improvisational performance skills including voice.

Being & Doing Sexy being becoming form, form becoming being.

Pole Techniquebeginners

Pole Connection – workshop for professional dancers in pole dance technique  +  contemporary dance class using the floor and a pole as tools.

Pole Show Girl – Pin up pole class offering a new choreography each class- from burlesque to booty-shakin’ badness.

Legomotion – technique & construction of contemporary dance

Partnering Basics – The basis of partnering is listening and responding.

Most subjects can be taught to professionals or amateurs (beginners-advanced), and the movement/voice performance improvisation can be taught to all levels at once if needed. All subjects offered can be taught as workshops or classes. Combining both in one workshop is also possible eg. floorwork in morning, improvisation in afternoon.
Some documentation of classes can be found on the video page.