Danspunt 2016

Partnering Basics

The basis of partnering is listening and responding.

Through release-based contemporary technique, Contact Improvisation and other forms of improvisation we will learn how to dance more effectively with a partner, how to lift and be lifted by another person, and how to help ourselves and others improve technique.

Working with a partner teaches us to focus internally: listening to your own movement and touch, or your partner’s, to be able to respond appropriately. It also cultivates your “outside eye” or outward focus: to give feedback, understand your personal dance aesthetic, respond better to different situations or people and help you take charge of your own education.

My Release-based contemporary technique concentrates on: breath, alignment, the centre as power source, using and reinforcing internal muscles, utilisation of weight & momentum. All these things together provide us with fluidity and economy of effort in dancing. I also include strengthening the upper body to assist in contact improvisation and floor work.

Contact Improvisation was developed in the 1970’s in the US. It is based on transfering weight, momentum and connection or contact with one or more partners. It allows us to refine our sensitivity to touch, to recognise safe and unsafe propositions, and teaches us techniques of lifting, so we can play with others without risk.

The last aspect of partnering, but definitely not the least, is the fun factor- otherwise why dance?!
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Les fondamentaux de travail avec une partenaire

Le base de travailler avec une partenaire est écouter et répondre.
À travers la technique release, de danse contact et des autres formes d’improvisation nous allons apprendre comment danser mieux avec une partenaire, comment porter et être porter par une autre personne, et comment aider nous mêmes (et des autres) à ameliorer techniquement.
Plus d’info: susanne(arobas)susannebentley(point)com
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Basis Partnerwerk

De basis van partnerwerk is luisteren en reageren.
Door het gebruik van release techniek, contact improvisatie en andere formen van improvisatie leren we hoe we efficienter met een partner kunt dansen, hoe we iemand tillen en hoe we getilld word, hoe wij ons eigen techniek en die van anderen kunen verbeteren.
Meer info: susanne(at)susannebentley(punt)com

Photo Credit: Danspunt