Growth through movement, movement through growth

Make Radical Moves towards the You you were born to be & the life you long to live

Radical Moves Coaching

Radical Moves stands for self expression: whether it’s through moving your body, pursuing an artistic goal, or simply creating your life so that your true Self can shine. It is grounded in Expansive Being and aims to co-create a path towards the fullest expression of You. From amateur dancers to professionals, Golden Age to teenage, from lawyers to bus drivers, Radical Moves is for anyone who is willing to explore new aspects of themselves and invest in their own growth.

Radical Moves offers

  • individual life coaching – Consciousness Coaching
  • artistic mentoring
  • body-based personal training
  • movement classes and workshops

I love to see people open up, discover new sides of themselves, and powers they never knew they had. We are all unique human beings. I find it beautiful when we fully allow ourselves to express this uniqueness – in daily life and though artistic projects. I also “walk the talk”, through performing and living my life as authentically as I can.

I am an International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACC accredited life coach with Consciousness Coaching and Creative Consciousness. This means I uphold ICF ethics, and have a commitment to developing my skills as a life coach. I have also graduated as a C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach (Conversational Intelligence® Certification) through the CreatingWE Institute/WBECS. My background in coaching and my personal journey since 1996 as a professional dancer and teacher inform my artistic, body-based coaching. I am also completing a post-graduate diploma in Functional Training in June 2019.

Life Coaching

Are you…

– seeking a new direction in life?
– looking for your passion or greater purpose?
– having problems getting into action around your goals & dreams?
– needing to make changes in your home, relationships or work but are not quite sure how?

I can empathise, I’ve been there, and for precisely that reason I offer to coach you step-by-step forward in the direction for your life that you choose now. Coaching has influenced all aspects of my life since 2011, and continues to help me daily in staying true to myself and my passions. As I’m a professional dancer and choreographer the creative process and challenges of being an artist are part of my luggage.

–    I walk the talk. I started coaching first and foremost for myself. Now I can also help you by sharing my learning. I established myself on the other side of the world without a safety net, not knowing either of the spoken languages in Belgium. So I truly understand change, uprooting oneself and pushing your comfort zone to follow your dream!

– I believe in coaching not just as a profession, but as a way of life that can help those around me and myself. I coach in English, French or Dutch, whichever language you are most comfortable in. (p.s. My complete website in FR/NL is currently under construction. Mon site web complet est en construction en FR. Merci de me contacter en français si c’est plus facile pour vous. Mijn website in NL is onder constructie. Gelieve me in nederlands te contacteren als het gemakkelijker is voor u.)

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is for anyone who feels they could use a supportive co-creator while they are on their journey of change. It’s for those who want to drop all excuses, get serious about playing bigger than they are now and discover joy in the journey.

Coaching is a partnership based on mutual respect and trust between the coach and the client, and their commitment. In a coaching relationship the client is committed to achieving the results they choose and the coach is committed to their client’s greatness. Coaching is asking powerful questions, not giving answers or advice. Coaching is a safe & non-judgemental space to explore what is and create what will be- a fertile ground for insights and growth to occur.

Life coaching brings to your awareness unconscious behaviours, body language, feelings and self-sabotaging patterns that may be hindering your growth, so you are free to move forward. It unlocks more of your personal power and energy so you can push out of your comfort zone, towards the goals you desire and the You that you wish to express.

What if you already have the answers deep inside you, waiting to be discovered?

What if you already have everything it takes to achieve whatever it is you want?

What would you choose to do if you anything were possible?

Who would you choose to be?

I invite you to try coaching for yourself, and see the impact it can have on creating the life you’d love to wake up for every morning!

Body-based Coaching

I focus on what the client wants to achieve, and tailor make the coaching to their needs. I believe we are our own best teachers, so I work as a facilitator of this process. I work by observation, giving exercises to change habits and/or develop new skills. I prepare material to work on but am always open to improvising in the moment to give the client the best coaching possible.

Possible objectives:

* improving fitness: (from 2019 onwards) personal training (alignment, stability, mobility, agility, flexibility are my strengths), fitness testing, small & large group lessons. Functional Training is my base for this work, as well as skills learnt in my career as a dancer.

* improving movement skills: from improvisation to contemporary technique, as preparation for entrance exams/auditions, fitness & flexibility in a personal artistic context…

* improving improvisation skills in voice and text: as accompaniment to regular classes, refreshing specific skills, working on problem areas/blockages, audition preparation…

* self expression & personal development: confidence in public, connection mind/body, body language, all in a one-on-one artistic context. Life coaching is also possible in combination with this for a more holistic approach.

* storytelling tools: expanding your individual toolkit

* outside dramaturgical eye for dance/theatre/circus projects, first spectator feedback, written notes, research. Can include physical training for a group, workshops and personalised coaching… see below.

Outside eye/dramaturgy

I am interested what the artist intends and how well this is being communicated dramaturgically, rather than imposing my own aesthetic on a project. I give my opinion when it is directly requested. I search with the artist by asking questions, and offer many possible solutions for them to choose from. I can be involved in a process from the beginning, or come in periodically to track progress. I collaborate with the artist to find the method which will work best for them.

Coaching can be conducted in English, French or Dutch.


“I am interested in coaching that involves the body and it’s wisdom to resolve blockages and integrate new, more supportive patterns. I appreciated the listening, connecting and working with the body as part of the coaching. It was to the point and I experienced progress very fast, in the session itself.
I experience Susanne as a “to-the-point” coach. From the first session we got very fluidly to the point, and in less than an hour of coaching I experienced good results and progress. Her experience in life and artistic processes makes it rich and extra valuable.” – Maya Wuytack, performer.


About my experience with Susanne Bentley – an unexpected gift
“I crossed the ocean without knowing exactly what I and Susanne will do together. That was the first step of our amazing encounter. Join an 8 weeks individual coaching program with Susanne was an exciting travel. And not just in professional terms but also in a human sense. Professionally, I have to say that I´m impressed and also very happy about her way of working. As a coach, she has a sharp eye open to catch where you are and then what she can propose you in order to expand, explode and go further than the colors that you already have. This remarkable capacity is clear during the coaching sessions: she is able to give you just a little advice with which you can run away hours and days within your own research process…while she patiently observes.” – Maria José Parga, Chilean actress & performer.

“I found my time with Susanne to be incredibly rewarding. I was recently finding it challenging to connect to the threads of enquiry that nourish my creative work and I decided to engage with a series of coaching sessions to clarify my vision as a dance artist and to examine the values and motivations that keep me in my career. I was also curious about Susanne’s work as an improviser and performer using voice and text. Through a series of movement and verbal tasks Susanne asked questions that allowed me to deepen into my enquiries, gave me tools that I will continue to use for a long time and offered the perfect combination of encouragement and support. Susanne’s expertise in dance and movement enriched my experience in a process where I felt I could speak from my whole self through movement, sound and words, in ways that ranged from direct and grounded to playful and flowing. Having completed these sessions I feel great clarity around what is important to me as an artist and well equipped to nurture the things that are essential to my life. Invaluable! – Siobhán ND, dancer & choreographer

“Being coached by Susanne I have managed to change many aspects in my life in the direction I only thought was possible to dream about… She is opening your mind towards being creative, and guiding you towards finding on your own new ways in known situations…I have been coached in many ways in my life, but this was by far the most impressive experience for me. I am very grateful.” – Aleksandra Janeva

“I can create my present and future, and learn to be a better person from the past” – Alessandra Carelse

“The sessions have been eye openers on the way I function, on the habitual reactions I adopt against myself, and in creating openings, and eventually different patterns. This was extremely enriching as I tend to assume that there is no alternative when I feel stuck. I made progress in taking up a more healthy daily routine and I feel much less negative stress in my project at university. I can also see opportunities and help available and take those chances recognizing it as the result of creative choices made previously. The CC sessions have helped me realise the power I have in my hands to transform my condition. My diamond: To see things I’d wished open up, show up – and really noticing them during the coaching session – strengthened my faith and confidence.” – Louise Barbar

“I acknowledge I experienced a genuine breakthrough in being self confident because of the work Susanne and I have been doing together. I experienced some very powerful moments of looking at my reality through a different lens, and I am incredibly grateful for this! I believe that the achievements I felt I accomplished in my life during this time was in direct relationship to the work we did. I feel a seed has been planted, one I sincerely look forward to nurturing. Kia ora Susanne you have given me a priceless gift!!!” – Sarah Bleasdale

Photo Credits: 1. Sam Vanoverschelde, 2. Olga Simakova, 3. Ana Cristina Velasquez, 4. Serge Gutwirth