RIP dear Michel Yang

Théâtre Marni Dec 2008, Michel 2nd from right

Rest In Peace my dear friend & dance colleague of many years, Michel Yang. We arrived in Brussels around the same time, almost 20 years ago. We danced together, drank tea, sewed, cared for plants, chatted for hours. You are so missed, and you made such an impact in so many people’s lives – in NYC, in Brussels. Your hum is in my heart forever.

From Michel:

“The most important moment is Now.
Does this give me joy Now, care Now
Let go of what has past
Let go of what may come ….
Let go of what is happening now
Don’t try to figure anything out
Don’t try to make anything happen
Relax, right now, and rest.”

Coming Soon! Starting February 6th (Waitangi Day, NZ) Functional Movement @ De Markten!

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Flock, Flock, Flock

Flock, Flock, Flock

Atelier/performance for parents & children – Saturday 11 July 2020 (Brussels)

Contact me if interested in participating & for more details!

Photo: Cocoparisienne on Pixabay

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Postgraduate Complete!

The proof has arrived – I’m a Post Grad! 🙂

Contact me to find out more about Functional Training, and how I and it can help you with your fitness goals.

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Improv Sessions

New class starting Monday 15th Oct!!!

Improvisation Sessions  with a focus on performing.

15 Oct – 10 Dec (8 sessions) 14-16hr @ Salle de Dublin, Brussels

More info
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Bewegings Gymnastiek

Brand new (to me!) class I’ll start to teach on Wednesday evenings from September 19th – Bewegings Gymnastiek @ De Markten! It’s for those who want to maintain their condition in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere. I’m taking over from someone who has been teaching it there for the last 25 years – quite an act to follow! Looking forward to new faces and venue. Check it out!

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