Postgraduate Complete!

The proof has arrived – I’m a Post Grad! 🙂

Contact me to find out more about Functional Training, and how I and it can help you with your fitness goals.

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Improv Sessions

New class starting Monday 15th Oct!!!

Improvisation Sessions  with a focus on performing.

15 Oct – 10 Dec (8 sessions) 14-16hr @ Salle de Dublin, Brussels

More info
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Bewegings Gymnastiek

Brand new (to me!) class I’ll start to teach on Wednesday evenings from September 19th – Bewegings Gymnastiek @ De Markten! It’s for those who want to maintain their condition in a relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere. I’m taking over from someone who has been teaching it there for the last 25 years – quite an act to follow! Looking forward to new faces and venue. Check it out!

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Functional Training training!

Car Free Sunday 2016 – Jane Fonda workout!

Now to add more skills to my palette as a teacher and coach – Functional Trainer! Looking forward to more study and a Post Graduate Diploma in Functional Training. I will specialise in how to help dancers protect their bodies from injury, and bring dance knowledge to this sports training. Get yourselves ready for new workshop proposals from Radical Moves!

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ACC Accreditation renewed

I’m proud to say that I was able to renew my ICF ACC accreditation again after 4 years, which involves a certain amount of study and mentor coaching. It’s been a struggle to get there with babies, and I’m happy to have made it. Thanks to Vanessa Noorani from ICF for making an exception to the rules (they don’t usually take pregnancy into account in the deadline) and extending the possibility for me to complete.

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Back to Bal Moderne


Dear All, yes, I’ve been out of touch – I got started with a draft post to tell you I would be working at Kunstenhumaniora Brussel for 6 months, then got sidetracked it seems with babies! Sorry!! This huge challenge has just ended, so now I can start organising other things.

First up Bal Moderne:

Come and join us this Saturday 16 June, 17-18hr!

Check out the calendar page for upcoming workshops/classes.

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