Fun & Functional Training for Dancers

What do you do physically to support your dancing and keep yourself injury-free? How do you resource yourself mentally & emotionally? Interested in working on body conditioning in a conscious and playful way?

This workshop is focused on holistically supporting a dancer’s training, at whichever level you are, from beginner to professional. Susanne will guide you through the week using ideas and exercises coming Functional Training, natural movement, contemporary dance and life coaching.

We will cover dance-specific problem zones, but also provide overall conditioning ideas. We will work on coordination, stability and mobility, as well as power, agility, endurance and flexibility. For this you will use mostly your own body weight, as well as exploring other simple conditioning props. We will also touch on resourcing ourselves through our mindset – looking at thoughts and habits that help or hinder our training. As Covid conditions allow we will work with partners and play games throughout the workshop to keep our whole selves engaged in the practice.

Fun & Functional Training for Dancers is for everyone who wants to feel good in their body and mind, likes challenges and having fun!

“Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein           “Come on let’s sweat, baby” – C & C Music Factory

Photo credits: ©Piet-Deslé-@Stadsbiografie