My vision & what I do

I stand for self expression: whether it’s through moving your body, pursuing an artistic goal, or simply creating your life so that your true Self can shine. I am grounded in expansive Being and aim to co-create a path towards the fullest expression of You.

I offer movement classes and workshops, as well as individual life coaching, artistic mentoring, and body-based personal training. From amateur dancers to professionals, Golden Age to teenage, from lawyers to bus drivers, I am open to anyone who is willing to explore new aspects of themselves and invest in their own growth.

I love to see people open up, discover new sides of themselves, and powers they never knew they had. We are all unique human beings. I find it beautiful when we fully allow ourselves to express this uniqueness – in daily life and though artistic projects. I also “walk the talk”, through performing and living my life as authentically as I can.

Growth through movement, movement through growth

Make Radical Moves towards the You you were born to be & the life you long to live!

Radical Moves Coaching





Magnetik Poétik

Magnetik Poétik

True to its motto “Everyone’s a poet and they don’t even know it”, Magnetik Poétik invites you to get started with urban poetry!
Every Saturday you can find us at a different location in Sint-Gilles or Forest.
We will be prepared with magnetic word boxes in different languages and participatory poetry trees.
Try it for yourself, unleash your creativity in Dutch, French, Arabic, English, Spanish or Portuguese between 2 pm and 5 pm, and after this let the Blind Dates surprise you!
Magnetik Bind Dates are literally meetings between improv artists, who have never worked together before, performing with each other based on the word creations of the day…
Think dialogues between slammers, musicians, rappers and dancers from different disciplines (urban & contemporary).
This project focuses on improvisation, communication, risk and lots of fun!

3 July – 21 Aug 2021 @ St Gilles/Gillis & Forest/Vorst

Concept: Susanne Bentley & Magnetik Poétik team
Scenography: Marzia Dalfini
Co-curation & MC Blind Dates: Susanne Bentley & Milan Emmanuel (Detours Festival)

Park Poétik Festival

RIP dear Michel Yang

Théâtre Marni Dec 2008, Michel 2nd from right

Rest In Peace my dear friend & dance colleague of many years, Michel Yang. We arrived in Brussels around the same time, almost 20 years ago. We danced together, drank tea, sewed, cared for plants, chatted for hours. You are so missed, and you made such an impact in so many people’s lives – in NYC, in Brussels. Your hum is in my heart forever.

From Michel:

“The most important moment is Now.
Does this give me joy Now, care Now
Let go of what has past
Let go of what may come ….
Let go of what is happening now
Don’t try to figure anything out
Don’t try to make anything happen
Relax, right now, and rest.”

Coming Soon! Starting February 6th (Waitangi Day, NZ) Functional Movement @ De Markten!


Photo credits slides: 1.Kevin Bourdeaux 2014, 2. ImPulsTanz 2013- Karolina Miernik, 3. Stan Arte + Circles: 1. Sam Vanoverschelde,  2. Serge Gutwirth 3. ImPulsTanz 2013 – Karolina Miernik
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