Upcoming performances & previous works.
To see the full list of performances, please download my CV.

Les Ménestrels Itinérents du Brass

16 July /juillet 2022 17-18:00

Le Brass polyphonique choir is on the move! Like the wandering minstrels of old, we will travel, but by metro & tram in St Gilles & Forest for the festival Park Poétik.  Maybe you will be on the right tram at the right time & get a surprise!

FR: La chorale polyphonique du Brass se mettre en route! Comme ménestrels itinérants, nous allons voyager, mais en metro et tram à St Gilles & Forest dans le cadre du festival Park Poétik. Peut-être vous êtes dans le bon tram au bon moment – surprise!

Concept & organisation: Susanne Bentley

Conductor: Isabelle Loisin

Flock, Flock, Flock

Flock, Flock, Flock is making a come back twice this summer, again with Park Poétik. You are more than welcome to join the flock! It’s a max.1/2hr workshop + immediate 10min performance by participants & time for debrief if interested afterwards. All ages are welcome – parents & kids, friends & family. You can contact me for more details if you want to participate, or just show up to watch on the day.
24 August 15-16:00 @ Place St Antoine de Padoue (Forest)
27 August 18-19:00 @ Parc De Forest (Forest) – near the Marronier (bus stop Mont Kemmel)

Bal Moderne @ Tutti Frutti 25 Years

12 June/juin 2022 @ Muntpunt 15:45 – 16:30

A mini-bal as part of Tutti Frutti Language School for Kids’ 25 year celebrations.

@ See U 227 Avenue de la Couronne, 1050 Ixelles.



15 February/février 2022 6:00 am – 9:30 am GMT+1

Live – Auckland, New Zealand & online

 Touch Compass celebrates our 25th anniversary with /rītaha/!

/rītaha/ celebrates the 25th anniversary of Touch Compass.

/rītaha/ is a performing arts festival of digital works, tactile installations, improvised and choreographed dance, innovative theatre and thrilling aerial performance, featuring new work from the multi-award-winning artists Lusi Faiva, Rodney Bell and Suzanne Cowan, as well as showcasing many other fantastic established and emerging artists.

/rītaha/ aims to honour accessibility as well as art. The event will have sign language interpretation; live audio description through headsets; theatre performance incorporating audio description into the script; braille programs for a seated theatre piece; accessible signage; haptic elements; gender neutral toilets; and to ensure everyone can access the event, /rītaha/ will be free/pay-what-you-can.

Click here to see the incredible performances taking place as part of our celebration!

I am performing as part of the Wai/Rua installation.

Magnetik Poétik @ Muntpunt

29 January / janvier 2022 @ Muntpunt 11:30 – 18hr

Are you a poet and you don’t even know it? Vous êtes un poét sans le savoir? U bent een poëte zonder het al te weten? Vrijdag/Friday/vendredi 28 @ Muntpunt – come and try! Venez tester! Kom proberen!

Muntpunt: Munt 6, 1000 Brussels


@ Festival Park Poétik

31 July – 2021, 7:45, 8:30, 9:15am

Parc Duden/Dudenpark, Forest/Vorst

Le Projet D-Marche est une déambulation lente, à l’écoute du silence, d’où surgissent des interventions sonores artistiques. Il s’agit d’une expérience complète, d’une immersion dans la nature pour devenir présent. 3 promenades matinales par jour.
🌳 durée -/+ 1h30
📍 Départ au bas de Parc de Forest (roulotte Parc Poétik)
⏰ 7:45, 8:30, 9:15
[NL] Het Project D-Marche is een langzame tocht, luisterend naar de stilte, van waaruit artistieke interventies ontstaan. Het is een totaalervaring, een onderdompeling in de natuur om volledig het nu te ervaren. 3 vroege wandelingen/dag van -/+ 1u30, GRATIS.
[EN] The Project D-Marche is a slow journey, listening to silence, from which artistic interventions emerge. It is a total experience, an immersion in nature to fully experience the present. 3 morning walks/day of -/+ 1h30, FREE


20 sept  – 2 oct 2021, 20-1hr & 6-9hr

Mirror : projecting @ Pianofabriek vitrine

Rue du Fort/Fortstraat, St Gilles/St Gillis

A look into the world of different performers during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020.

Een blik in de wereld van verschillende Performers tijdens de Covid-19 Lockdown van 2020.

Un regard dans le monde de differents performeur durant le Lockdown Covid-19 de 2020.

A project by/van/de Kasper Dumon

in collaboration met/ avec / with: Susanne Bentley, Douglas Becker, Anne Charlotte Bisoux, Miguel Do Vale, Sugar Love, Daphné Robin, Sander Tas

Magnetik Poétik

@ Festival Park Poétik

Saturdays/ zaterdags/ samedis 3 july - 21 aug 2021, 14 - 18hr

public spaces in St Gilles/St Gillis & Forest/Vorst

True to its motto "Everyone's a poet and they don't even know it", Magnetik Poétik invites you to get started with urban poetry!
Every Saturday you can find us at a different location in Sint-Gilles or Forest.
We will be prepared with magnetic word boxes in different languages and participatory poetry trees.
Try it for yourself, unleash your creativity in Dutch, French, Arabic, English, Spanish or Portuguese between 2 pm and 5 pm, and after this let the Blind Dates surprise you!
Magnetik Bind Dates are literally meetings between improv artists, who have never worked together before, performing with each other based on the word creations of the day…
Think dialogues between slammers, musicians, rappers and dancers from different disciplines (urban & contemporary).
This project focuses on improvisation, communication, risk and lots of fun!

Concept: Susanne Bentley
Scenography: Marzia Dalfini
Co-curation & MC Blind Dates: Susanne Bentley & Milan Emmanuel (Detours Festival).

More info/ plus d'info / meer info

Flash Mob Hand Wash

12 Sept 2020, 17:30-18:00
With Cie Jordi L Vidal in Festival We Need You,
Place Lehon, Schaerbeek, Brussels
Participatory project with the local population.
Created & led by Jordi L. Vidal
The Flash Mob is intended for everyone who will to share a moment of creativity and fun together. For this, no need to be a professional dancer or have any training!


13 - 27 Aug 2020

Mirror : projecting @ recyclart & vk vitrine.

A look into the world of different performers during the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020.

Een blik in de wereld van verschillende Performers tijdens de Covid-19 Lockdown van 2020.

Un regard dans le monde de differents performeur durant le Lockdown Covid-19 de 2020.

A project by/van/de Kasper Dumon

in collaboration met/ avec / with: Susanne Bentley, Douglas Becker, Anne Charlotte Bisoux, Miguel Do Vale, Sugar Love, Daphné Robin, Sander Tas


Manchesterstraat 13-15, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Belgium

Flock, Flock, Flock

Atelier/performance for parents & children.

11 July/juillet/juli 2020, Parc de Forest

Contact me for more details!

Photo: Cocoparisienne on Pixabay

Past performances


8 June/juin 2019, 17:30
With Unpeuplusdeuxtrois in the street festival Volders En Fête,
in St Gilles, Brussels.

Concert Ik en den Théo + Bal Moderne

18 nov 2018, 16:00
in Willebroek(Belgium).


27 September/septembre 2018, 11:00
at Théâtre Toursky, Marseilles.

Flash Mob 

Festival Mouvements de Rue

1 September 18:30 at Place d’Armes, Sedan with Cie. Jordi Vidal

Bal Moderne (St Gilles) – 16 June 2018

Inauguration of the new Parvis de St Gilles 17-18hr

Touch Compass 20th Anniversary performance – On Display

3 Dec 2017, Auckland Waterfront, New Zealand


Pole Fusion Festival (Brussels)

19 & 20 November 2016
19th – BE Pole Connection 17hr  & In-Human 20hr
20th – Guest performances 17hr & Pole Fusion Competition 19hr
I’ll be performing in my own choreography for the Sarahcademy show “In-Human” on Saturday 19 November & being Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the Sunday 20th performances & competition.
Venue/lieu: La Venerie, L’Espace Delvaux, Rue Gratès 3 à Watermael-Boifort
More info/plus d’infoPole Fusion Festival

Car Free Sunday – Beursschouwburg (Brussels/ Bxls)

18.09.2016 10 & 10.30 – free ’80’s aerobics warm-up led by yours truly! Costumes appreciated 🙂

Facebook event:

The School of Narrative Dance – student performance Parc Duden (Brussels/Bxls)

13.07.2016, 18-19.30

Parc Duden, Forest/Vorst. Free/gratuit.

Total performance directed by Marinella Senatore, one part directed by me and performed by the students. Bal Moderne at the end for everyone to join in!


Being @ Isadora Festival (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)


:present participle of verb “be” (am, are, was, were); noun – a living organism

This instantly composed solo is based on the rollercoaster of emotions, questions & reflections on life Susanne experienced recently, after close encounters with death.  What is left after so much loss? What is gained? How is life coloured indelibly by this experience?
Movement, sound & text are combined in the present moment to create this fleeting, unrepeatable performance, as the present is all we really have.

Live. Love. Life.

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” – Allen Saunders

Bal Moderne© Academy

16:00 >18:00
GC Ten Weyngaert
Rue des Allieés, Bonagenotenstraat 54, 1190 Vorst
Info  02/340.95.80.

Bal Moderne© is a production of ARENAL/The Tinderbox

Bal Moderne© Academy

16:00 >18:00
GC Ten Weyngaert
Rue des Allieés, Bonagenotenstraat 54, 1190 Vorst
Info  02/340.95.80.

Bal Moderne© is a production of ARENAL/The Tinderbox


Pole Fusion Festival (Brussels)

12 – 15 Dec 2015 - See website for times
I’ll be Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the Sunday 13th performances & competition. My choreography “I put a spell” will be performed by Sarahcademy dancers in “Beyond the Limit”.
Venue/lieu: La Venerie, L’Espace Delvaux, Rue Gratès 3 à Watermael-Boifort
Tickets: (inclu. 10% donation to “Fondation contre le cancer”)
More info/plus d’infoPole Fusion Festival

Performing Poetry (Brussels)

25 Oct 2015,
18 – 22hr @ Sign Six  – Rue de Fierlant 99, 1190 Brussels
With Jacob Storer, Theo Livesey, Stef Meul, Marta Kotsia, Barbara Pereyra, Marta Kosieradzka, Patricia Corrêa, Billie Hanne, Susanne Bentley, Amelie Petiot, Olivier Vanderaa, Micha Joseah Barratt-Due Goldberg, Rihanna
Content wise, the framework is performing poetry.
The poem can be visual, spoken word, voice, sound, touch, movement, dance, etc.
Idea for now is to do something with how poetry can be performed.
As a reference this paragraph:
In Chapter 1 we briefly explored Percy Shelley’s A Defence of Poetry, a stirring text on the revolutionary value of poetry. Shelley argues that poetry is an event whose meaning is irreducibly to-come. What makes a poem a poem is that we don’t know what it means yet. Thus poets are “the hierophants of an unapprehended imagination, the mirrors of the gigantic shadows which futurity casts upon the present.”Poems are “timeless” insofar as they ontologically subtend time itself, opening up hitherto unknown possibilities of meaning and action.
source: Timothy Morton, Realist Magic, Object, Ontology, Causality

free entrance/gratuit/gratis

Open Deur Dagen Pianofabriek

19 Sept 2015, 18:00-18:30
SoloConversations will be performing at Pianofabriek as part of the open days. We will also give a demo class of Performing the Present 16:00 on Sunday 20th.

Body Rhymes (Vienna)

31 July 2015, 10:00

Body Rhymes is an either partly or fully improvised solo performance that is adapted to the site or context it is performed in- a ‘set’ of spoken word poems in text and movement. The duration is adaptable also to context.  This time pole movement is combined with set poems. The context is the ImPulsTanz “Something that Says Something” end of Field Project performance, led/directed by Charmaine LeBlanc & Angélique Willkie.
Venue/ lieu: dancearts studio, Rennweg 79-81, 1030 Vienna
more info

RollerMadness Golden Edition- Beursschouwburg

2 May 2015 – 23:00 – 4:00
Gogo dancing performances during the roller disco, every half hour. With Sarah Cavenaille, Sarah Bleasdale, Maria Clara Villa Lobos & myself.
More info/plus d’info: Beursschouwburg

Ik & den Théo + Bal Moderne (Wolubilis, Brussels)

26 April 2015 – 16:45 – 17:45
Journée Enfants-parents admis! 4éme edition – Bal Moderne dances performed by Maria Clara Villa Lobos & myself.
More info/plus d’info: Ik & den Théo


Ik & den Théo + Bal Moderne (Halle)

29 November 2014 – 17:00
Tournee Mondi’alle – Bal Moderne dances performed by Denis Robert & myself.
More info/plus d’info: Ik & den Théo

Pole Fusion Festival (Brussels)

22 & 23 November 2014 – see website for times
Master of Ceremonies, song/ukulele performances, solo improvisation in contemporary floor work & pole. My Pole Show Girl choreographies performed by Sarahcademy dancers in “Searching for Love”.
Venue/lieu: La Venerie, l’espace Delvaux, Rue Gratès 3 à Watermael-Boifort
Price/Prix: 30 euros per evening
More info/plus d’infoSarahcademy

Ik & den Théo + Bal Moderne @ Fiesta Mundial (Balen)

28 September 2014 – 15:45
Bal Moderne dances performed by Caroline De Haese & myself;
More info/ plus d’info: Fiesta Mundial

Ik & den Théo + Bal Moderne @ Fortbom (Mortsel)

07 September 2014
Bal Moderne dances performed by Nanya Eslava & myself.
More info/ plus d’info:Fortbom

Body Rhymes @ ImproXchange Festival (Berlin)

9 August 2014 – 20:00
Venue/Lieu: Dock11 Theaterhalle, Kastanienallee 79 / 10435 Berlin
Tickets: €9 – 15 sliding scale
More info/plus d’infoImproXchange Festival

Jaune Toujours & Ik & den Théo @ Plazey Festival – 15 Jaar Choux de Bruxelles (Brussels)

22 June 2014- 12:15 & 14:00 & 16:00 & 16:30

Bal Moderne dancing & teaching by Maria Clara Villa Lobos & myself.
more info/meer info/plus d’info: Plazey

Searching for Love – Sarahcademy

14 June 2014 – 20:00

Pole Show Girl choreographies & 2 solo performances (floor work, song/ukulele/pole solo) included!
Venue/lieu: La Venerie, l’espace Delvaux, Rue Gratès 3 à Watermael-Boifort
Prix: 15 euros jusqu’au/until 1er juin/june. 18 euros après/after et sur place/on the door.
Réservation par e-mail: sarahcademyteam(at/arobas)

Pole Show Girl performance @ Pride (Brussels)

17 May 2014 – 19 & 20:00
with Sarahcademy dancers performing on the hour 16 – 22:00.
Website of Pride event 2014

Body Rhymes @ Long Winter: Year Two – Volume Five

7 March 2014 – performances throughout the night in random spaces. Long Winter is a multi-arts event (fine arts, music, performance, dance, film, food) 7pm onwards. Pay what you can entrance, all ages.
Venue: The Great Hall, 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto. Info


¡Sensacional! with the Barbatuques

30 Nov 2013 – 20:30
Body percussion & beatbox warm-up act for the Barbatuques with the participation of l’AFEJI, College Jean Zay & l’IEM Van cauvenberghe, body percussionists & beatboxers from Belgium. Led by Annie Deltour, Gaspard Herblot & Jonathan Flandinet.

Salle Dany Boon, Rue Decock, Bray-Dunes, France.
More info/reservations: 4 Ecluses

Body Rhymes @ TDP’13

19 Oct – 19:30  – site-specific version, double-bill programme.
Tipperary Excel Arts Centre, Tipperary, Ireland
Festival programme

Red Night District

with Domenico Giustino, SoloConversations Dance Collective & guests.
5 Oct 2013 – 20:00 – 1:00
Art & Marges, Rue Haut 312 – 314, 1000 Brussels
part of Nuit Blanche
More info

Bal Mobile

15 Sept 2013 – 14 – 19:00
Bal Moderne in different locations in Forest/Vorst – free! For Journées du Patrimoine.
14:00 Wiels
15:30 Parc Dudenpark
16:30 Parc de Forest/Park van Vorst
18:00 Place Saint Antoine/Sint Antoniusvoorplein
Bal Moderne

Bal Moderne@piQniQ Parc Tournay Solvay Park

8 Sept 2013  – 15 – 18:00
Parc Tournay Solvay, 1170 Brussels
in collaboration with PiQNiQBruxelicious

Sarahcademy Pole Dance School open day

13 July/julliet 2013 17 – 22:00
La Chocolaterie, Rue Van Malder, 27 1080 Bruxelles
Metro Beekkant
I’ll present a short contemporary pole choreography taught to my students in the Pole Contact class @ 20:00 – Free! gratuit!

Kunstenfestival Avant Garden

Body Rhymes solo performance – Spoken word poetry & movement
2 July – 21:00 free/gratuit!
Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten
NB Temporary address: Jezusstraat 28, B-2000 Antwerp
max. 10 walk from Antwerpen Centraal station –
Programme festival Avant Garden

Nen Toffe Dimanche!

So many different people so many different ways of expression!
Multidisciplinary space to produce connection between the multiple activities and people present in the Pianofabriek and outside.
This event it’s open to everybody and it’s free!!
30.06.2013 – 14:00-22:00
14:00 Souk-Souk Soundsystem (tropical grooves)  TERRAS
Twists – Very implicated spectators event 1 (workshop; online registration necessary)  ELSENOR
Small Steps (breakdance battle) BUENOS AIRES
15:00 Cyclope (Colorbar school projectie) ARENBERG
17:00 “The Noise of Cairo” (screening documentary) ARENBERG
18:00 “Mix It Up” (dans performance + live muziek) TERRAS

This Way^UP students performing + SoloConversations Dance Collective members + musicians improvisation set.
20:30 Les taupes qui boivent du lait (fanfare) TERRAS
+ “La vie est Belge!” (Colorbar installation) ONTHAAL
Zinnomobile (multimediavan met cocktails) TERRAS
Come a Casa (food) ALCANTARA

Rosegarden – Cie. Soit/Hans van den Broek

Public platform for performance research.
9 April 2013, 19-22:00
Workspace Renold, Alléé Verte 1, 1000 Brussels

Evolve  – SoloConversations Dance Collective

Full-length new work by SoloConversations Dance Collective with musicians Evgeny Makarov, Takie K (electric guitar) & Christophe Lagnaux (percussion).

1 March 2013, 10:30 – CC Molenbeek (Brussels) – Entry (day) Rue Mommaerts, 4, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
2 March 2013, 20:00 – CC Molenbeek – Danseurs en Transit (shared programme) – Entry (evening) Chaussée de Merchtem 67, 1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean
5 March 2013, 14:00 – CC Jacques Franck (Brussels)
Festival Ici et D’ailleurs – Chaussée de Waterloo, 94 1060 Bruxelles
5 March 2013, 20:00 – CC Jacques Franck
6 March 2013, 20:00 – CC Jacques Franck


Bal Moderne- personeelsfeest voor Stad Gent

22/09/2012 16:00, 19:00 Sint-Pietersabdij, Gent

Parc Bal Moderne Park

19/08/2012 15:00 – 17:00

Mont des Arts, 1000 Brussels

Bal Moderne in collaboration with PiQNiQBruxelicious with the support of Bruxelles -Environnement – Leefmilieu-Brussel

SoloConversations @ Cirque@Taque

Date: 11/08/2012, 17:40 & 19:40

@ Festival Cirque@Taque, Ekeren, Belgium

Bal Moderne Deltebre Dansa

Date: 7/7/2012 20:00

@ Festival Deltebre Dansa, Catalunya, Spain.

More info

Parc Bal Moderne Park

17/06/2012 15:00 – 17:00

Parc Tournay Solvay, 1170 Brussels

in collaboration with PiQNiQBruxelicious with the support of Bruxelles -Environnement – Leefmilieu-Brussel

Bal Moderne @ De Spil

04/06/2012 18.30 – 20.30

Tuinfeest CC De Spil, Roeselaere

SoloConversations with guests Niria Martinez Barbieri & Aude Cartoux

18/05/2012 12:00-13:30

invited by Bourse de la Création du Festival  des Arts Forains “Namur en Mai 2012”

@ Place D’Armes, 5000 Namur, Belgium

Bal Moderne + Bal Populaire + DJ

Date: 27/04/2012

Bal Moderne will combine with La Tentation’s Bal Populiare, bringing you our favourite Bal Moderne choreographers and a chance to experience the fun of learning a folk dance under the expert guidence of La Tentation’s teachers in their magnificent venue in the heart of Brussels.
Venue: La Tentation/Centro Galego De Bruxelas, Rue de Lakenstraat, 28,1000 Brussels Tel 02 223 22 75
Price: 8/10 €

Bal Moderne for Mois de la Danse

26 February 2012, 15:00
Location: Maison de la Culture Famenne-Ardenne, Chaussée de l’Ourthe, 74 – 6900 Marche, Ardennes.
Reservations : 084 32 73 86

To see the full list of performances, please download my CV.