Legomotion: technique & construction of contemporary dance

A full day dance workshop where you focus half of the time on contemporary technique and the other half on improvisation and choreography.

Strength, alignment, fluidity and economy… This workshop is Release technique and floor-work based, and includes contact and other forms of improvisation. Aspects of yoga, Alexander technique and Skinner Releasing are also part of the mix.

I focus on the body’s alignment and working economically in movement through emphasis on direction, sequencing, impulse and fluidity. Part of working economically is use of the centre and internal musculature, so reinforcing and learning to access that power is a major aim. Emphasis is also placed on strengthening the upper body for contact and floor work.

In the second half we will explore and manipulate technique and/or improvised material, working on adding your own flavor, personality and thought processes to my input to create set solo and group choreographies.

The most important aspect of the workshop for me, however, is the enjoyment factor – otherwise why dance?!

Minimum duration for Legomotion is 3 hours/day (not including pause between sessions).
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Legomotion: technique & construction de danse contemporaine

Nous explorons le moitié d’un journée la danse contemporaine, et l’autre moitié l’improvisation et chorégraphie.

Le cours de danse contemporaine est basé sur la technique Release, sur la danse contact et le travail au sol (Floor Work). Des éléments d’improvisation, de Skinner Releasing, de Yoga, de Pilates et de Technique Alexander y seront aussi abordés.

Dans le deuxieme parti nous allons aussi exploré des phrases déja chorégraphé, et improvisé avec plusiers taches pour faire nos propres chorégraphies- solo et avec les autres participants.

Durée minimum pour Legomotion est 3hr/jour (non-inclusieve de pause entre les deux parties).

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