YOBT Danspunt 2016

Your own best teacher

coaching-based strategies for teaching and learning dance

In dance we are generally thought, and taught, to ‘train’ ourselves and others: learning and passing on information to perform our specialised activity. But what if we worked to ‘educate’ ourselves or our students as well, in the Latin sense of the word educere: to build the person, to draw out their latent potential? Create thinking, sensing, inspired and empowered dancers? What if we could also empower and uplift ourselves with this process?

Coaches exist in sport, in business, in life (life-coaching). They are skilled in guiding, a caring collaborator who sees what you cannot necessarily see. They empower you towards progress. They ask the right questions and give you tools to help yourself, instead of giving answers. They start from the basic standpoint that you are your own best teacher.

This workshop looks at practical ways of combining training and coaching, to help us evoke excellence in our students, and ourselves. We will cover topics such as: motivational tools, goal setting, methods for creating enquiring minds, keeping material fresh, dealing with students’ blocks, promoting experiential learning, play and exploration and partner/teamwork.

Your own best teacher is designed for dance teachers of any genre or level, for dancers interested in pedagogy, and for those who wish to push their own boundaries further by coaching themselves.

NB: Participants should bring comfortable clothing to move in and writing materials.


Danspunt Zomerstage 2016

“I like the fact that we created a warm atmosphere, where we could share with each other. I also liked that you really cared if we understood everything that you were saying, not only ‘lecturing’ the material. I also liked the fact that we talked and then moved and again talked in order to stay present the whole time.”

“It was especially great to receive this information from you because one can see that you are truly passionate about these concepts and attitude to life. You have the ability to create a warm and honest atmosphere and to connect people and eliminate borders… very powerful and inspiring.”

“The workshop gave me access to observe classes and general life situations through a different filter, and that’s great.”

“I liked to have experienced your positive energy and your integrity!”

– participants Your Own Best Teacher workshop @ Tanzquartier (Vienna) Feb 2012

“Thanks again for the course YOBT, it really changed me. I even got feedback from some of my students that they found my classes to be improved and that they enjoy the space I now give them to explore certain themes within the class. The course inspired me to keep looking for different classes and courses to keep developing myself not only as a teacher but more so as a coach.” – S. Van Grinsven, participant YOBT Danspunt (Leuven) 2016

Photo Credit: Susanne Bentley