Get Down! @ Circuit Est, Montreal

Pole Connection – for professional dancers

Release-based contemporary dance using the floor and a pole as a playground…  

Pole dance combines acrobatics, dance and gymnastics into one total-body form. An ordinary pole class includes learning combinations of basic tricks and spins, together with strength training and stretching.

Susanne has developed her own approach to the pole combining her floor work class material (Get Down!) and general contemporary release-based material (Remixed Release) with brand new pole-based moves. Emphasis is on vertical & horizontal fluidity, transitions from pole to floor and back, strengthening upper body & centre, and enjoying the challenge of a new surface!
Pole Connection is inspired by Susanne’s passion for moving on all levels and in all directions with intense physicality. Participants should come expecting to sweat and have fun.
Take up the challenge, “Let’s get physical!” Good times guaranteed.

Photo Credit: Elodie Malroux