Evolve – SoloConversations 2013

Being & Doing Sexy

– being becoming form, form becoming being.
Since early 2014 I have been teaching “pole show girl” classes, choreographing numbers for this, and have become interested in how the body is perceived from the outside and feels on the inside. From burlesque, pin-up, to today’s music video choreography, there are certain similarities in the movement material & form, all designed with the “sexy body” in mind.

Reclaiming sexy has been an eye opener for me personally, and it was the overwhelming feedback from participants in the class at ImPulsTanz 2014 that just by doing the moves they felt, and became sexy. The state of sexiness was produced by the movement – form becoming being. Then the being reinforced the form and a feedback loop was created.

I’m also interested in what happens the other way around – being becoming form. How feeling states produce a certain movement quality. The chicken or the egg coming first becomes possible. What then can we teach in movement classes, or use in creation, that can bring about the form or the feeling that we want? The chicken, or the egg, or both?

In 2015 the first 2 hour seed of this workshop was presented at the IDOCDE symposium alongside ImPulsTanz. In this longer workshop we will dive into different movement forms & states. Participants are invited to bring their own style of moving, whatever it is, and their own creative interests to the workshop.

We will start with directed exploration, then work with partners and in groups to explore in an experiential way your own personal focus – practicing being, doing & observing the form or feeling created. Participants will take responsibility for directing their research, coming together as a class to share findings & feedback. Sexy will be included, but is not the only focus of the workshop, unless your interest takes you in that direction!


Pride Brussels 2014

Being & Doing Sexy (Vienna, 2015)

This video is documentation of my 2hr workshop Being & Doing Sexy for IDOCDE in July 2015. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the video. Of course you are most welcome to read the notes I took & feedback from participants!  Video © franzi kreis, www.franzikreis.com

Photo Credits: 1. Serge Gutwirth, 2. Stan Arte