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May News



This spring is all about being, in the present moment!

Present Performing workshop @ Isadora Festival (Krasnoyarsk, Russia/Russie) – 17-20 May 2016

Being – performance @ Isadora Festival (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), 21 May

:present participle of verb “be” (am, are, was, were); noun – a living organism

This instantly composed solo is based on the rollercoaster of emotions, questions & reflections on life Susanne experienced recently, after close encounters with death.  What is left after so much loss? What is gained? How is life coloured indelibly by this experience?
Movement, sound & text are combined in the present moment to create this fleeting, unrepeatable performance, as the present is all we really have.
Live. Love. Life.

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” – Allen Saunders

ImPulsTanz workshops registration open!
I am teaching 2 workshops this year from 18-22 July – Play Space (beginners) + Being & Doing Sexy (advanced)
Now is the time to register!

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Pole Fusion 2015

IMG_5795Same dress, different hair than last year 🙂

Brilliant, super ambitious, professional festival that I’m proud to be part of.

Love to my showgirls for their super hard efforts helping me choreograph with one arm, not being able to do the things myself.

See you for the next edtion!0216 0228

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Dancing is officially good for you!

An Oxford University study released in October states that exertive synchronising with others (like dancing) release opioids, endorphins & endocannabinoids – in a nutshell, a natural high. 🙂 It also raises your pain threshold and encourages social bonding. All the more reason to move my friends! … although we didn’t really need any did we 😉

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power of your words

“We are told that actions speak louder than words. But I wonder, do they? Our words, however we communicate them, are just as powerful. Whether we speak the words with our own voices, type them with our eyes, or communicate them non-verbally to someone who speaks them for us, words are among our most powerful tools.” – Martin Pistorius

How will you use your words today? With others, with yourself?

Thanks Martin for this reminder!

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