Void – May 2014

he is gone.

all the colours explode at once
organs liquified by ultra-violet violence
internal bleeding, external white noise
and black-blue incomprehension

She floats in deep space
mouth open
and as nature abhors a vacuum
it fills her to the brim with

When to surrender?

Drown in eternal space
the womb of the universe
without air

Ego resists
extends suffering into long cords
which embrace & tighten
boa constriction

It is impossible to pull away,
to refuse to see the edge
because there is none,
the abyss surrounds her

the music of the sheres
speaks in deafening
for her ears only
giving no solace, no answers
only questioning looks

Reliving the cataclysm
in technicolour looping.
sunlight cannot enter,
memories have ash-blackened faces
red eyes, teeth
disheveled hair
and fear-stained clothing

She turns in infinity
there is no umbilical cord
to attach to anymore,
gravity & friction
have rejected her,
grasping is useless

How big is alone?

He is gone.