Solo Over Cairns (Oct 2009)

Only 5 more roles to fill
only 5 more gods to kill
only 5 more pints of blood
to spill down your trousers
hoping it’ll be ok but knowing ultimately
there are some stains, that never come out.

And it’s true, what they say about
landmines and grapevines
going slow or quick
it doesn’t matter in the end,
the end, is the end
of one and the beginning of one more
so numbers above the solo unit
are just gratuitous really
Is even binary going a tad too far?

‘Cause we’re always existing in
some form, cold or warm
so it’s all about, the, choreography
and the transitions
from this scene and that
with or without hat
There’s no curtain call
and there’s never been a dress rehearsal
we players just keep playing
an infinite riff

It’s only me who’s counting