Remixed Release: These contemporary classes are release technique and floor work based, and include contact and other forms of improvisation. Aspects of yoga, Alexander technique, pilates and Skinner Releasing are also often part of the class.

I focus on the body’s alignment and working economically in movement through emphasis on direction, sequencing, impulse and fluidity. Part of working economically is use of the centre and internal musculature, so reinforcing and learning to access that power is a major objective also. Strengthening the upper body for contact and floor work is integrated gradually into the class.

The classes usually start by warming up at ground level: strengthening centre and upper body for taking weight by travelling across the floor with set material or improvisations. With a strong centre we can move fluidly and economically on all levels.

I teach dancers to work with partners, give feedback and take charge of their own education. The most important for me, however, is the enjoyment factor- otherwise why dance?!

Date: 23 June 2018

Time/ Horaire: 10-11.30

Place/Lieu: het oude badhuis, Stuivenbergplein 38, Antwerp

Level/ Niveau: open level – dance & circus arts

More info/ plus d’info: COMPAGNIE NEWA
BE | +32 (0) 491 734 506