Peeling back
layers of feeling so that
we see we lack nothing,
no proof necessary
we are best as we are
no scar left covered.

Discovery digs deep
into the well of oneself
and finds exotic, erotic sea life swimming,
that may mingle
with the seven wonders
of other people’s depths.

There’s no except, or perhaps,
going off maps
into rougher territory
might spark fear or fire,
passion can burn higher
on more tactile terrain.
Perhaps there’s more pain,
but why stick to skin surfaces?

Superficial’s shiny plastic
is easily scratched &
intimacy is hatched from
between cracks
under bridges of broken bones
healed stronger..
It’s a longer voyage certainly
but taking the time to explore
in today’s world
is even more of a gift than it used to be,
as we hurriedly move towards entropy through
distant air-kisses &
smaller time for small talk…

So give, expose
live yourself louder & show
your spots & stripes
so that others might
also intimately relate themselves to you,
by comparing scars & truths.
Connection we stitch together,
a patchwork coat
of multi-coloured skins
to start some new adventures in.

Aug 2014 – inspired by Meg Stuart’s ‘Closer’ workshop