every morning / voluntary donation / a different pro teacher everyday

Get your ass out of bed and into the studio to start your workday on the right foot. Are you tired of being less productive than you know you can be? Frustrated at not having a real dance training each morning and feeling further and further away from your dancer self? Are daily dance classes too expensive for your “artist” budget? The early morning training is our new collective program designed to address this unfortunate reality.

By professional teachers :
Marielle Morales, Michèle Swennen, Susanne Bentley, Chris Harrison Kerr, Hayo David, Chanetune Annecécile, Bud Blumenthal, Julie Bougard, Natasa Frantzi

How it works :

Monday through Friday all season and all year without fail Hybrid Studios organizes the pro level class of 1.5 hours from 9am till 10h30 am sharp. Rehearsals and creations in the studio will begin immediately after the class. Pro dancers can count on a straight-ahead, quality class each and every morning that maintains and challenges their technical level. It isn’t a place of research, relaxation or esoteric experimentation. Pro training is the basic and primordial ingredient of any professional dancer’s toolkit : daily dance training. While the teachers will vary on a weekly and even daily basis the pro dancer can depend on being able to follow a complete class that hits all the essential points for a high-level dancer : warming up, opening, strengthening, reflexes, spatial awareness, extension, power, explosiveness, subtlety, complexity, gravity, jumping, floor-wok, speed, dynamics, rhythm, musicality and expressivity.

These AM Training classes will be to the point. There won’t be long soliloquies about “the inner dancer” or “releasing into oneness” 😉 We love that and expect to find much of those movements in other contexts like workshops, and specialized classes. It will be no-nonsense structured work at a fast and efficient pace that will generate proper conditioning and the solid joy of putting out each day and maintaining our real dancer self at a top but sustainable level.

Hybrid Studios gives the studio space every morning.
Every morning one of our exclusive team of ultra-experienced teachers will guarantee the fundamental recipe for the training you count on by giving the class for free. The dancers who come to class in the morning gets there on time, follows fully without a break until the end and vacates the studio for the rehearsals that follow (when they are scheduled). The student puts a donation of whatever amount he or she can afford or wants to give to the teacher for their effort into a hat that is sitting there for that purpose. There is no accounting, no contracts, no complications. This is a cooperative, simple human transaction between our organization, individual artists and teachers with no strings attached.

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Time/Horaire: 8-28 November 2018, 9-10:30

Hybrid Studios Brussels

Rue de l’Intendant 111, 1080 Brussels, Belgium

The way I work

Crafting the performative present… using languages of movement, words & sound.

In my craft or artistic production… I am inspired by and use sound and rhythm heavily in my performances and daily life. I love bass frequencies, but also play the ukulele. I have researched the biological effects of infrasound, and am constantly exploring the impact of movement on the voice and vice versa.

The written and spoken word are very important in my work, attached to movement or otherwise. I believe in the power of the human voice. I write lyrics, prose and poetry when the inspiration hits.

I like to immerse audiences in an experience as well as making frontal performances. I often bring performance to public spaces, and environments other than theatre stages. I enjoy sharing dance with the general public, including encouraging participation by people from all walks of life eg. Bal Moderne, Touch Compass Dance Trust.

I am also a very visual person: I engage actively when watching performances and have developed my outside eye and feedback skills extensively. I am very aware of my own aesthetics and believe I can help others to develop theirs.

Passion : expression : creation

As a teacher & artistic coach… I am interested in facilitating others’ learning- guiding personal growth rather than imprinting people with my stamp. I want to share the joy of personal expression through movement and performance with everyone, from beginners to professionals. Having fun and creating a positive, supportive environment are two of the most important factors in my classes.

My classes are carefully structured to warm, inspire movement and give tools to participants according to the demands of the work. Because of my improvisational skills I can easily change approach if something is not working, or new information needs to be given.

My courses are tailor-made: I aim to give what I see is necessary to a group or individual- whether it’s acting students, amateurs or professional dancers. I often use a coaching approach, questioning a lot to promote thinking movers rather than copycats. I give personal feedback and take care that everyone is integrated into the group.

Serious dancing, oh yeah! Serious fun…serious play

The full story

Susanne Bentley (NZ/BE) is a contemporary dancer, improvisor, teacher, coach (life coaching & artistic) and choreographer. She has been working with others and on her own projects in New Zealand and Europe since 1996. In NZ she worked with companies such as Touch Compass, Opera NZ and Weta Productions (Peter Jackson- film), and was a founding member of Curve Dance Collective. In 2000 she was a danceWEB scholarship holder at ImPulsTanz (Vienna). Since then she has performed with European companies such as the Superamas (AT), Cie. Fabienne Berger (CH), Les Ballets C de la B, Maria Clara Villa Lobos, Heine Avdal/Foton, Poni (BE) a.o.

Susanne has always created her own works, often solo and site-specific, either choreographed or improvised. Someone Else’s Weirdo was performed extensively in NZ in 2000, then reworked to appear in the Festival C’est Du Jamais Vu in Brussels in 2002. Téléphonez moi premiered in 2003, Roasted Addiction in Nov/Dec 2004, Body Rhymes (improvised spoken word poetry & dance) was performed in the Koninklijke Musee voor Schone Kunsten Antwerp in 2013, Tipperary Dance Platform 2013, Toronto Long Winter 2014, ImproXchange Festival 2014, Berlin and Performing Poetry, Brussels. Being debuted at Isadora Festival 2016, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

From 2002 – 2009 she made music and performances with electronic musician Peter Van Hoesen as Bent Object. Together they released a music dvd In human format, with visuals by FoAM in 2006. This they also performed live in Montreal, Amsterdam, Sperlonga and Brussels. In 2007 they premiered Winning…, a dance theatre performance using sensor technology, co-produced by Buda Kunstencentrum. In 2008-9 they created Below 20 supported by Workspace Brussels, Netwerk, Vooruit, Stuk & Pianofabriek. This piece was an immersive environment performance, using infrasound. Susanne reworked this material later under the title Unknown Unknowns I & II.

In 2007 she founded a Brussels-based performance improvisation research group which became SoloConversations Dance Collective. This group practiced and performed improvised pieces in festivals, onstage and in public spaces in Belgium and internationally until 2017, including evening length works Evolve (2013) and The Grave is Yawning (2016).

Susanne has also been performing and teaching regularly since 2002 throughout Europe for Bal Moderne & with Ik en den Théo. She established the non-profit organisation Expansive Being in 2012, dedicated to encouraging, supporting and promoting artistic expression in all its forms.

Susanne became addicted to pole dance after coaching 4x Belgian champion & world finalist (ranked 11th) Sarah Cavenaile. She also taught pole dance for Sarahcademy 2013-17, choreographing pole show girl routines as well as combining contemporary dance with the pole for Sarahcademy and ImPulsTanz Festival. She debuted as a pole show girl in at Brussels Pride Festival in May 2014, choreographing and performing in the shows ‘Searching for love’, and InHuman as well as MCing and organising the Pole Fusion Festival (artistic pole) from 2014 – 2016.

Susanne has been teaching professional and amateur contemporary/improvisation classes and workshops regularly since 2002 in studios, festivals, for schools and for companies such as: Ultima Vez, Charleroi Danses, Danscentrum Jette (Brussels), Tanzquartier & ImPulsTanz (Vienna), Tanzfabrik & Marameo (Berlin), Isadora Festival (Krasnoyarsk, Siberia), Artesis Conservatory (Antwerp), Fontys Academy (Tilburg), University of Waikato & Otago University (NZ).

Susanne is an International Coaching Federation ACC accredited life coach with Consciousness Coaching, and also offers individual body-based artistic coaching/mentoring for all levels of arts experience (eg. for Sarah Cavenaile, Maria Clara Villa Lobos, Jordi Vidal).

Alongside all this, she and her partner are parents of twins Alex & Lila born in February 2017.

Photo Credits: 1. Olga Simakova, 2. Serge Gutwirth