3am – Aug 2012, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

Here we go once again
late at night when the words
take flight all by themselves,
You know this kind of hell
you’ve been there too
many times
when rhymes just don’t stop, don’t quite quit
and tunes bang out their own
rhythm on the back of your brain
enough to make you insane
til morning comes
and all that’s left is a deft
kick of the alarm clock
the tick tock of day
So I say
make hay while the sun don’t shine,
’cause you never know how much time you’ll have here
on this earth
Like my professor said
“There are 24hrs in the day,
and if that’s not enough take the night as well”
so sweetheart fill your cup,
’cause you never quite know when the words
will dry ….