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How joyful is your day today?

Success-Abraham-Hicks Are you flying high today, or swimming through the mud?

If you are in the mud, no problem – accept you are there, and work out the best way of swimming out (presuming you want to get out).

I wish you fins and wings, and I am always there to offer a hand up! See my coaching pages.

Pole Fusion Competition performance

One of many performances during the competition…because pure MCing is not enough for me!

Pole Fusion Festival

“The Girls” performed my Pole Show Girl choreographies again in Sarahcademy’s “Searching for Love” show on Saturday as part of Pole Fusion Festival @ La Venerie. I was proudly in the audience!

On Sunday, however, I was up onstage as Mistress of Ceremonies for the Pole Fusion Competition – introducing competitors, singing, playing ukulele, improvising some contemporary floorwork & pole etc etc etc :). The winner was Joy Sevinc Gurmen from Turkey – well deserved!!!

Super big thanks to Stan Arte Vizion for these photos!!!!



Writing myself out of the closet

Now that Body Rhymes (improvised spoken word poetry & movement) has been outed a few times around Europe including this summer at Berlin ImproXchange – Performing Presence, I am letting some of my writing see the public light of day. You’ll find it under Writing in the side bar – mostly poems, and some prose tidbits. Enjoy!

Searching for Love – Sarahcademy

So proud of my Pole Show Girls! It was a fantastic show by everyone involved. Here are a couple of belated pics: BigSpender7 Floor lizard

ICF ACC accreditation

It is with great pleasure that I now add the International Coach Federation ACC logo to my website!





For more information on the kind of life coaching & artistic coaching I do, please visit my coaching pages. Et bien sûr le coaching de vie & artistique est aussi possible en français! Voici l’info.

Pride 2014

Thanks so much to all those who took pictures of my Pole Show Girl début!!
Here are a couple:Pride glam










Next up is the Sarahcademy performance “Searching for love” where my pole show girl students will be performing my choreographies. I’ll be surprising you between acts! 🙂

get better mindset

Be better mindset


Tonight’s inspirational theme from Word Porn …and 99u‘s talk by Heidi Grant Halvorson on a Get Better mindset (as opposed to Be Good mindset). A fantastic reminder as I’m in the studio rehearsing Body Rhymes for my upcoming performance in Toronto’s Long Winter :).

Children AND adults – let’s play!

Great article about giving childhood back to children so they can develop their playing skills…and continue to use them throughout their adult lives!


Full salty rain

No holds barred, full on self expression! Tommy Franklin, you rock!!! That’s what I want to inspire in others, always. Thank you.