Susanne Bentley

Contemporary dancer, improvisor, teacher, choreographer & coach


Instant stories – Just add public!

Crafting stories in the performative present.

This workshop focuses on storytelling through body-based improvisational performance: working in solo, duet and group forms. Using movement and voice we discover how to find and stick to the narrative developing in the moment, crafting our beginnings, middles and ends. We look at how to generate material instantaneously, reflect on the dramaturgy of the piece that is developing and take the audience into account while creating. Specific tools such as framing, response tactics, character and text development, as well as general skills in movement, space and timing are explored.

What makes your stories unique? How can you expand your palette of skills? What do you appreciate watching in a performance? What do you most enjoy giving to an audience?

Inspired by Al Wunder’s Theatre of the Ordinary, the work of Andrew Morrish & Ruth Zaporah’s Action Theater, this workshop promotes an experiential way of learning. Participants discover what they enjoy producing and watching, taking responsibility for developing their own style of theatrical self-presentation.
We start warming up the body and voice using a variety of images and exercises focused towards certain themes for each day. This moves into performances for other participants where we learn through practice and observation. The experience of creating with a public present is an essential part of the process. Feedback sessions help both the performer and public evaluate their preferences, strengths and foci, to further improve the audience’s experience and their own pleasure in performing.

“Life is an improv.” – Ruth Zaporah, improvisor

“I think you get most of the most interesting work done in fields where people don’t think they’re doing art, but are merely practicing a craft, and working as good craftsmen…knowing your job, knowing how to use your tools properly and not damage the tools as you use them.” – Douglas Adams, author

Instant stories – Just add public!
Verhaalimprovisatie in het performatieve nu.

In de workshop ligt de focus op het vertellen van verhalen door improvisationele performance, op basis van het lichaam: solo, in duo of als groep.
Met beweging en stem zoeken we naar het narratieve en hoe we dit kunnen ontwikkelen in het moment.
We kijken hoe we ogenblikkelijk materiaal kunnen genereren, reflecteren over de dramaturgie van het stuk in wording en houden rekening met het publiek terwijl we creëren. Specifiek instrumentarium als kadrering, antwoordtactieken, karakter en tekstontwikkeling, evenals algemene vaardigheden in beweging, ruimte en tijd worden geëxploreerd.
Wat maakt jouw verhaal uniek? Hoe kan je je pallet aan vaardigheden uitbreiden? Wat apprecieer je bij het kijken naar een voorstelling? Wat geef je het liefst aan het publiek?

Histoires instantanées – seulement le public a ajouter!
Fabriquer des histoires dans le present performative.
Conter à partir de l’improvisation pour performance en mouvement et voix: en solo, duo et en groupe.
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