Susanne Bentley

Contemporary dancer, improvisor, teacher, choreographer & coach


Get Down & Get UP!

A daily mix of technique & performance improvisation

Get Down!A floor work class with funk… strengthening centre, perfecting technique, extending movement range and having fun. “How to throw yourself at the ground and miss.”
The mornings focus on floor work: techniques to approach and leave the floor fluidly & efficiently. We explore the upside-down world along the way, through a variety of release technique-based exercises and improvisational tasks. more info
Get UP!For people who like to explore improvisation from all different directions! Movement and voice improvisation focused on performance.
The afternoons focus on exploring through improvisation in movement and voice what you personally like to do and see in performance. This work is inspired by Al Wunder’s Theatre of the Ordinary, the work of Andrew Morrish & Ruth Zaporah’s Action Theater. Exercises for body and voice are focused towards a certain theme for each day. The practice, in small or large groups, moves into performances for others where we learn by doing and watching. The experience of creating with a public present is an essential part of the process. Feedback sessions help us evaluate our preferences, strengths and foci for further improving the audience’s experience and our own. more info
For programmers: Minimum 2 day workshop, 5-6hrs per day. Ideal weekend or week format for intermediate amateurs to professionals.
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“Having two different classes per day was really good. A combination of drama & dancing, a range of impulses relaxes me.”
“I liked the way you were pulling things out of us..Thank you.”
“My ‘click moment’ was when you talked about the marathon (not giving up 5m before the finishing line, but really finishing the phrase or the performance).”
“Merci à Susanne, j’ai pris beaucoup de plaisir pendant ce week-end.”
– participants Wisper weekend workshop, July 2011 (Leuven)

Get Down & Get UP!
Un mélange quotidien de technique et improvisation pour performance.
Nous explorons le moitié du journée le travail au sol, et l’autre moitié l’improvisation pour performance.
Get Down! Floor work avec funk… renforcer le centre, perfectioner la technique, élargir notre gamme des mouvements et délirer. plus d’info
Get UP! – improvisation pour performance en mouvement et voix
Explorer l’improvisation dans tous les sens!
Inspiré par ‘Theatre of the Ordinary’ (Théâtre de l’Ordinaire) de Al Wunder, le travail de Andrew Morrish et Action Theater de Ruth Zaporah, les participants découvrent d’abord ce qu’ils aiment faire, ce qu’ils aiment voir. Ensuite ils prennent la responsabilité d’assumer leur propre style de représentation en mouvement et voix: qu’importe s’ils ont des aspirations professionnelles ou s’ils veulent seulement explorer une manière extraordinairement amusante de s’exprimer et de dèvelopper leur individualité. plus d’info
Pour les programmateurs: Minimum 2 jours, 5-6hrs par jour. Idéal weekend ou programme de semaine pour des amateurs intermédiares aux professionels.
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Get Down & Get UP!
Een daglijkse mengeling van techniek en performance improvisatie.
Een dansatelier aan waarbij de focus voor de helft op performance improvisatie in dans, beweging & stem (namiddags), en voor de andere helft op techniek van vloerwerk (ochtends) zal liggen.
Meer info Get Down! en <This way>^UP
Voor programmeurs: Minimum 2 dagen, 5-6 uren per dag. Ideaal weekend of week programma voor semi-gevorderden tot professionelen.