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Pole Fusion 2015

IMG_5795Same dress, different hair than last year 🙂

Brilliant, super ambitious, professional festival that I’m proud to be part of.

Love to my showgirls for their super hard efforts helping me choreograph with one arm, not being able to do the things myself.

See you for the next edtion!0216 0228

Neuroplasticity & dance

Check out this article for more convincing about why dance is good for you! Not that you needed it! 😉

Dancing is officially good for you!

An Oxford University study released in October states that exertive synchronising with others (like dancing) release opioids, endorphins & endocannabinoids – in a nutshell, a natural high. 🙂 It also raises your pain threshold and encourages social bonding. All the more reason to move my friends! … although we didn’t really need any did we 😉

Pole Fusion Festival in December!


uke solo




Pole Fusion Competition


Sarahcademy dancers, choreographers (yours truly) & international pole artists & competitors are now gearing up for the 2nd edition of the Pole Fusion Festival, 12-15 December 2015. Please join us!

The Grave is Yawning

SoloConversations Dance Collective starts up again soon working on The Grave is Yawning, for our premiere in March 2016 @ Théâtre de la Vie (Brussels). Here are a few images from the studio…

DSC09122 copy

© Serge Gutwirth


© Serge Gutwirth


© Serge Gutwirth


© Serge Gutwirth


© Serge Gutwirth

obligation to myself

Snoopy happy feet…and my head, arms, torso, heart & soul! How about you?

power of your words

“We are told that actions speak louder than words. But I wonder, do they? Our words, however we communicate them, are just as powerful. Whether we speak the words with our own voices, type them with our eyes, or communicate them non-verbally to someone who speaks them for us, words are among our most powerful tools.” – Martin Pistorius

How will you use your words today? With others, with yourself?

Thanks Martin for this reminder!

Fontys memories

Super big thanks to Sarah Prescimone, who was in my 2nd year class at Fontys Academy from Jan – April 2015, for making this cool video!

end of summer workshops, open day & autumn term starting

Sarahcademy photo

Hey everyone, Bonjour à tous, There are still lots of things happening this summer at Sarahcademy: workshops, open day (come try the classes!) and the new term starts on the 14th Sept.

Performing the Present classes start the 15th Sept, and I have floor work workshops with Wisper again.

Check the calendar/agenda page for all details!

Also SoloConversations Dance Collective is back in rehearsals for The Grave is Yawning which premieres in March 2016 in Théâtre de la Vie (Brussels).

AND, I’ll be back in business life & artistic coaching from September onwards. I’d love to hear from anyone who needs a hand creating the life & art they love! Just send me an email!


Impulstanz 2015



The Impulstanz programme is (almost) out! Here’s a sneak peak at what I’ll be offering this year… I’ll also be speaking at the IDOCDE teachers’ symposium again, this time with “Being & Doing Sexy” 🙂

AND performing “Body Rhymes” as part of a workshop (see performance page!).

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