Susanne Bentley

Contemporary dancer, improvisor, teacher, choreographer & coach


Artist’s statement/Déclaration d’artist

Crafting the performative present… using languages of movement, words & sound.

In my craft or artistic production… I am inspired by and use sound, music and rhythm heavily in my improvisation, choreography and daily life. I’m a bass addict, the lower and louder, the better. I have done a lot of research into the biological effects of infrasound.

I prefer to immerse audiences in an experience rather than making frontal performances – I make an exception for pole. I like to bring performance to public spaces and people, environments other than theatre stages.

The written and spoken word are very important in my work, attached to movement or otherwise. I believe in the power of the human voice. I write lyrics, prose and poetry when the inspiration hits.

passion, expression, creation…

I am also a very visual person: I engage actively when watching performances and have developed my outside eye and feedback skills extensively. I am very aware of my own aesthetics and believe I can help others to develop theirs.

As a teacher & artistic coach… I am interested in facilitating others’ learning- guiding personal growth rather than imprinting people with my stamp. I want to share the joy of personal expression through movement and performance with everyone, from beginners to professionals. Having fun and creating a positive, supportive environment are two of the most important factors in my classes.

Serious dancing, oh yeah! serious fun…serious play.

My classes are carefully structured to warm, inspire movement and give tools to participants according to the demands of the work. Because of my improvisational skills I can easily change approach if something is not working, or new information needs to be given.

My courses are tailor-made: I aim to give what I see is necessary to a group or individual- whether it’s acting students or professional dancers. I use a coaching approach, questioning a lot to promote thinking dancers rather than copycats. I give personal feedback and take care that everyone is integrated into the group.

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