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get better mindset

Be better mindset


Tonight’s inspirational theme from Word Porn …and 99u‘s talk by Heidi Grant Halvorson on a Get Better mindset (as opposed to Be Good mindset). A fantastic reminder as I’m in the studio rehearsing Body Rhymes for my upcoming performance in Toronto’s Long Winter :).

Children AND adults – let’s play!

Great article about giving childhood back to children so they can develop their playing skills…and continue to use them throughout their adult lives!


Full salty rain

No holds barred, full on self expression! Tommy Franklin, you rock!!! That’s what I want to inspire in others, always. Thank you.

Sensacional! video

DK2013 06/12/13 par opaltv

Voila, a bit of a look behind the scenes at this amazing project I’m so proud to have been a part of. On a human communication & music level it was just brilliant! Merci à tous!



Last night’s performance was incredible. I am so grateful to have performed along with these gentle masters of rhythm & music! Beautiful energy of sharing between them & audience. Big ups to all the kids & teens from college Jean Zay, l’IEM Vancauvenberghe & l’AFEJI, & all our body percussionist & beatbox team from Belgium/Lille. We rocked!!

Tipperary Dance Platform ’13 – traces

Inta Balode, a Latvian dance critic kindly documented the whole of TDP’13 in the Journal. Her writing Tipperary Exists and Tipperary Dance platform asks: How do we keep it real? are full of interesting questions and observations. An excerpt:

“Even if the question was not posed straight forward we did talk and think about the question – who is a real artist? “Be yourself everyone else is taken”, said Susanne Bentley in her talk and this can be referred both to real artist and also real person. Also Susanne’s class in embodying movement was dealing with authentic movements and sounds each of us pronounces and how the relate and get influenced by the others, the space, the sounds, the things we see. In this context I am thinking about the concept of being special and unique – does the uniqueness lies in difference from others or in deep introspection or in sensitive communication with both inside and outside? And does thinking and working on those issues make us artists? Or self-definition makes us artists? Or degree in arts makes us artists? Or getting paid for being artists makes us artists? Or producing visible, creatively solved outcome out of reflection about life makes us real artist? So the ones just performing something what is already created are not real artists? They are just artists or regular artists? Those are just some of the questions arriving to me.”

Thanks Inta!!


Just had to share this song/website. I find it so inspiring to see different people’s expression in movement & performance of this uplifting song – makes me smile every time, and I’ve watched A LOT!!!! 24hoursofhappy – Thank you Pharrell Willaims!

Tipperary Dance Platform ’13

Body Rhymes 1Body Rhymes goes back to its roots, I’m putting on gumboots for Tipperary Dance Platform…

This Fri & Sat 18-19th October please join us for performances, forum, classes, workshops and more…

Red Night District – Nuit Blanche

This Saturday SoloConversations Dance Collective & friends performin Nuit Blanche – Red Night District!!! Please join us & win a private performance from a Brussels artist.


Bal Moderne’s 20years old!

Bal promo recto Bal promo verso























Please join us for some dancing fun!!